A Full House

A busy week again with the photoshoot for La Maison Fontaine on Monday and Tuesday. We’ve got some beautiful shots in the bag, as well as some amazing new cocktails. Everyone’s getting very excited and it’s looks like the 19th March at Shoreditch House is going to be the 1st time more than just PrettyGreen will get taste them.

Strings has also jetted off to Pontarlier, to see the 1st bottling test run for Fontaine. He’s just sent us back this picture of a spoon!!!! We needed to read an email to see why. It’s actually the the most expensive Absinthe spoon in the world. The initials at the top are actually Toulouse Lautrec’s and apparently the spoon is from his personal collection (Strings got caught trying to stir his coffee by Sven at the Distillery, naughty boy).


We’ve heard he’s bringing back a suitcase full of Absinthe tonight, lets hope he’s not pulled over, as you might remember last time we thought he was going to have the long rubber arm of law feel his collar as he brought back a big bag of the 15 secret herbs that looked like he’d been to Amsterdam.

The Flake team are also flat out for Thursday as we’re putting on a very glamourous One Million Lips Party for Flake at One Marylebone, to celebrate the Flake Benefit promotion. We’ve a few special guests and DJ’s lined up(including Neeve from Kiss), and a photoshoot tomorrow afternoon with someone who can only be described as beautiful. We’re not sure whether the excitement in the office comes from the thought about sampling a few of the exclusive Flake cocktails (responsibly) or it’s delirium from burning the midnight oil.  IMG00068-20100310-1640

If you have been listening to the Kiss FM Breakfast Show recently, as well as hearing the Flake activity you’ll also know that Ricky, Melvin, Adam K and Charlie have all been attempting to give up something for lent – that’s 40 days and 40 nights. Torture.

Melvin, who is a self-confessed chicken addict, was putting his will-power to the test by giving up his passion for poultry. So, on just the second day of this challenge, we thought we should test his resolve.

Cue Emma and Mandy with some delicious Nando’s wraps and Peri-Peri chicken-wings…

Now, we’re not sure if the girls knew there would be a camera at the time, but we are sure that someone finished all of the chicken. Melvin, something to tell us?!

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