A Day With Danny 'Megaskill' MacAskill

YouTube sensation and street-trials pro, Danny MacAskill launched his new feature-length film on Sunday night at the Hawke and Hunter in Edinburgh. The red carpet was laid out and his worse-for-wear campervan was parked up out front attracting all sorts of attention – including a very drunk Scotsman and a ticket officer who’d obviously had a pretty rough day, slapping a ticket on the van after only being parked up for five minutes – good effort.

Despite the freezing cold weather, Danny’s fans arrived in their masses for the official screening of ‘MacAskill Conquers’ – which was absolutely awesome.

Charlotte went along to the screening but was also lucky (crazy) enough to go riding with Danny on Monday morning, visiting his favourite riding hot (cold) spots in the city. The picture below was taken just after she landed a front flip off of Edinburgh Castle on Danny’s bike… Obviously.

If you want to catch Danny in action then make sure you tune into Red Bull Web TV or visit www.redbull.co.uk/macaskillconquers