A Country House Party

Picture 3

Team PrettyGreen descended on sunny Surrey last week to take over a Country Manor. Had Strings grown tired of the city and made a break for greener pastures?  Never.  We were there for Trident Perpetual Festival’s assessment day.

Joined by 10 bright-eyed candidates vying for the best job in the world for festival lovers; the successful applicant would get to tour 30 festivals around the globe in 30 weeks.

Now, here at PG we’re a strong believers in having to earn your keep and we were by no means going to give this job to just anyone; so a grueling and perhaps, devious couple of days were devised by Claire and co. to test the candidates’ festival skills to the core.

Greeted to bubbly by our fantastic host Laura, our 10 final candidates, hand picked from over 5000 were lulled into a false sense of security. Taking part in a ‘come dine with me-esque’ challenge and then being treated to a night of entertainment; it seemed the assessment was going to be a walk in the park.

However, just like Cinderella who’s fun was curfewed by an impending midnight toll, when the clock struck 12, the dream was over.  Candidates were marched outside to a field and in the style of many a festival-goer had to erect tents in the dark a little worse for wear.

Kept awake to the early hours by the cold; one candidate’s ground-shaking snoring and a few over-excited judges, the 10 awoke to a day of mandatory fancy dress and some of the strangest interviews they would ever face.

Joined by the professional festival experts George Lamb, Rob da Bank and Dan Fahey, the judging panel pulled out every trick in the book to test the candidates.  A few moments of awkward silence punctuated an otherwise wholly impressive show of talent from the applicants, the standard really was exceptionally high.

Apart from a few very cold contestants and some strange challenge requests by Pete (Wash Me???) the two days went off without a hitch and we are pleased to say we have found the perfect candidate.

But who is this party guru who will be uniting festival lovers across the world in collective jealousy?

You’re going to have to stay tuned to find out!