A Band (or Board) of Merry Pirates.

After nearly five years we thought it was time we formalised who was actually running our band of merry pirates (sounds better than asylum). So we went out and scoured the land, running BGT auditions to find the very best talent Marketing talent money could bribe, but quickly realised that we already had the best talent to lead us forward into battle (think Braveheart).

So the lovely Emma (Grace) and Jess (Hargreaves) are taking on the roles of Joint Managing Director’s, overseeing the various things we do (that’s Media Relations, Digital, Community Management, Experiential, Events and Sales Promotion if you we’re wondering). Whilst Sian (Baker), joins the Board to head up New Ventures and Special Projects (that’s all our new secret squirrel projects), working alongside Jess to oversee all our Experiences.

Mr Tim (Beer), is going to our Mr Money, after joining us last year as interim Finance Director, helping teach everyone how to do timesheets, and spell Shelloil on a calculator.

The Board

Strings is going to remain really hands on, continuing to help guide the ship, but will also continue to focus on our Brand Incubator projects, via a combination of acquisition and investments. Which is where we take equity in a Company and become a true partner, or start our own new Venture.

So really it’s business as usual, we’ve now just got a bigger senior team helping ensure our band of pirates are always ready for action, as we sail across the marketing seas. We just thought you’d like to know.