9BAR Ridding the World of Bad Energy

Has your daily commute over the past two weeks been free of bad energy? Have you noticed that your fellow commuters might have a spring in their step and may have offered you a seat or even a 9BAR? We can officially put all of this down to the good energy being spread by our 9BAR Super Seed Squad!

PrettyGreen have sent out a squad of masked Super Seed heroes on a mission to banish bad energy from the land, and replacing it with good in the form of a Breakfast Boost 9BAR. All to make the January commute just that little bit better!
The Breakfast Boost range helps consumers start their day right with a burst of good energy from the nutritious super seeds in every 9BAR. Our 9BAR Super Seed Squad are handing out two bars not only giving you good energy twice but also meaning you can pass it onto a friend!

The Squad will be going guerilla this week and hitting streets and office near you, so watch out for them in their good energy mobile. For those suffering in the cold north, never fear 9BAR will be visiting a chilly train station near you too in February. The team will be handing out 360,000 samples across the UK supported by a national PR & Social Media Campaign.

Will you join the 9BAR Super Seed Squad in their fight against bad energy?