7 Days

It dawned on us that 7 Days has created a new type of docu-soap, using social media not only to report and build rapport but also to influence the Programme.

We can’t remember a series where real time media has actually been embraced by the Programme makers for the actual subjects (some might argue lab rats).

What’s actually interesting to watch is how they are all becoming influenced and affected by comments and reactions on social media.

Big Brother is created in a vacuum and the voyeurs don’t get to play with the subjects in real time or talk to them, it’s as though we now taken Big Brother one step further as we all get the chance to invite the “contestants” to the diary room for a bit of bear bating.

We’re not saying it’s not entertaining TV, we’re just slightly worried as to how this is going to be controlled by C4 to protect people and to avoid destroying a number of peoples lives.

Is this the taste of things to come, our real time, real life Albert Squares.