Six Nations

It’s that time of year again… As we speak England and Wales are preparing to face each other in the opening match of the RBS 6 Nations tonight. Are England onto a winner by putting Tom Wood on the back row, or will Jamie Roberts return from injury in fighting form and team up on England’s centres with Jonathan Davies?

All serious talk aside, rivalries are high amongst the team here as we prepare for our very own PrettyGreen 6 Nations, and here’s how it’s looking so far:

Raymund and Claire are reppin’ for Scotland

Danielle – Italy

Sian – Wales

Nuala – Ireland

And quite a few of us are reppin’ for England

However, as we’re sure you’ve already noticed, the PrettyGreen 6 Nations is missing a little je ne sais qua. So, in attempt to remain as positively discriminative as possible it would only be fair to start the search for PrettyGreen’s 6th Nation.

Calling all French PR lovers: The PrettyGreen team needs your French expertise (this will be taken into close consideration when selecting the most suitable candidate – this does not include French kissing, sorry folks).

We’ll see you in the pub at 7.30 – and don’t forget those CVs.