5 reasons why we’re now in love with Elon Musk

Apart from the fact that “Shall we send it into space?” is back as a potential PR stunt idea again, like everyone we were giving a standing ovation to the incredible spectacle that was Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch last night.


In fact, we’re now in love with Elon Musk so much that we’re 100% convinced he should be President instead of Donald Trump…and after that President of the World. Here’s the hard evidence to back-up our feelings:


1)  He’s got his own personal rocket company AND is currently not threatening other countries with them


2) Incredible musical taste if using David Bowie as a soundtrack is anything to go by


3) His chirpy “Made on Earth by humans” note imprinted on the circuit board of his Tesla shows he’s got a friendly approach to those of different cultures.


4) We’re convinced he’s going to reveal himself as the real James Bond. Everything about it screamed Bond. The launch video? Bond. The car? Bond (if this particular Bond film had been sponsored by Tesla).The custom-built Louis Esprit submarine car from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me he bought a few years ago? Bond. We could, probably, go on.


5) His main hiring policy at SpaceX is “no arseh**es”. Which seems like a fairly decent one.


So there you have it. Concrete facts which prove what an incredible man Elon Musk is and why we’ll avoid the PR awards categories SpaceX enter this year.