3D Printing Revolution

The PrettyGreen Digi team like to keep up to date with the latest in tech gadgets and 3D printing has been creating a bit of a stir lately.

What is this amazing technology I hear you ask? The clue is in the title really, imagine the inside of your office printer, replace the ink with a powdered material. Instead of printing a layer of ink onto paper, the 3D printer scans your computer-designed object layer by layer. Simples.

At the moment you can print various materials including; metals, nylon, recycled paper, mixed materials, and that’s just scratching the surface. Need a new office chair? No problem, just design one on your computer and print it. It’s literally that easy.

What does this have to do with PR I hear you say? A lot. For instance, if someone comes up with a great idea in a brainstorm but the rest of you have no idea what they are talking about, get it printed. Same goes for if you have a great idea for a pitch but your client is not blessed with your imagination, print them a small-scale version.

If you can’t get your head around the printing furniture part, go back to watching cat videos because this next bit of information might actually blow your mind…

Medical researchers have already printed artificial bones, tailor made for people based on scans of their real bones and then implanted as a replacement. The next step is to print tissue, which will enable the creation of artificial organs using 3D printing!!

We probably wont be 3D printing human tissues and organs here in the office…. But never say never right.

Last month the team headed to the London 3D Printshow. Here are some of the highlights (remember these are PRINTED not sculpted or moulded, amazing):

Olaf Diegel 3D Printed musical instruments by Cubify


3D Printed Shoes by Andreia Shaves


3D Printed Iron Man Suit


There is most definitely room for 3D printing in PR and we can’t wait to start using this technology in some of our campaigns.

Hands up who wants a Makerbot for the office….