3. Mo. Days. Left. – Team PrettyMo Reflect

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Forget Black Friday, this weekend it’s all about the blondes, brunettes and red-mos among us. Of course, we’re talking about our FACIAL HAIR. Yes, for the past 28 excruciating days Team PrettyGreen has become Team PrettyMo as the office males have half-volunteered, half been enforced, to partake in all things follicle.

It’s fair to say we’ve had our ups and downs this month. Ben got disowned by his fiancée, Jack went into hiding from the in-laws, James got teased by his own family, Leigh got quizzed by Colombian police, Chris is yet to eat without leaving crumbs on his face and money man Tim even put a temporary stop to paying us after being told he looked like Mr Monopoly. So yes, it’s been a roller coaster. A nightmarish, troubling, cash-strapped, never-ending hassle of a roller coaster… yet do we regret it? Do we heck.

As challenges go, this has been one of our most eye-opening yet. Every day we’re tuning into the TVs, opening our newspapers, and dancing to our radios for two very good reasons. The first, like all good PR agencies will tell you, is coverage – yes, it’s fair to say we smashed it this year. The second, is the topics we’re covering. Movember, should you not already know, is all about raising awareness for men’s physical and (for the first time) mental health. It’s one of the best causes we’ve supported, and we’ve been honoured to be a part of one of the fastest-growing initiatives both as an agency and as active fundraisers ourselves.

Pus, it’s not only our hairy team members that have got on board either, no. Our trusty team of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have lived and breathed Movember this month, competing in a tightly-fought dodgeball competition, partaking in Mo-themed quizzes, and partying the night away in fancy dress all to help raise that ever-growing fundraising total one bit further.

The team have raised upwards of £750 so far and it’s not too late to get that total higher. With that, we tip our hats off to all those who have made it happen (you included!), and offer our final reminder for you wonderful bunch who’ve yet to donate – it’s never too late. Team PrettyMo, over and out.