We aren't logo designers… but if we were…

Whilst there is no more British way than spending a Bank Holiday stuck on the M25 in heavy traffic, it did allow one of our more bored members of staff to raise that age-old question “Are cars logos actually any good?”

Sadly, the answer is rather predictable…

Peugeot Logo
See that Lion? That’s right, the one dancing like an Egyptian. Well, it couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag. Especially with those mittens on.
Verdict: Fail.

Nissan Logo
Step 1: Take the London Underground logo. Step 2: Erase ‘London Underground’ Step 3: Replace with ‘Nissan.’
Verdict: Lazy.

Aston logo
Aston Martin / Mini
Any logo with wings looks awesome. Fact. That’s because Eagles have wings and they are awesome.
Verdict: Good work

rover logo
A Viking ship full of Beserkers on their way to rape and pillage the British Isles as a logo on a British car!? We must ask, would the Libyan rebels drive a car emblazoned with Colonel Gaddafi straddling a Panzer on its way to decimate their homes? Could be a sore point.
Verdict: Poor judgement

Mercedes Logo
Mercedes & Audi
Typical German efficiency;
Mercedes have streamlined the Peace logo by removing a redundant vertical line from the original. What could be more peaceful than reducing the peace sign’s very own carbon footprint?
Audi have tidied-up and streamlined the Olympic logo avoiding circle wastage for generations to come.
Verdict: Die pseudo-austere designtechnik.

Ford Logo
LDV / Fiat / Ford / Jeep / KIA…etc. etc.
Writing the car name in fancy writing does not count as a logo. If you wrote your name in Comic Sans font, would it be your ‘logo’??
Verdict: Add an Eagle.

Citroen / Renault
Take two boomerangs (that classic symbol of French nationalism) and move around until they make a random shape. Stick shape on the front of a poorly-designed car.
Verdict: Would using a Beret / Jacques Costeau / Pate be a more French logo?

Traffic is now moving but, there you go, that’s the state of the automative industry today. The good news is there is room for improvement but do let us know if have seen worse…

…or just need your logo changing.