Burn baby burn handheld inferno

Week one of the Olympic Torch Relay has quite literally run away with us! And what a week it’s been!

After seeing the community atmosphere and crowds of people lining the streets in support we can tell the spirit of London 2012 is yet to die out!

The relay has seen the stars of TV and reality collide on this extraordinary tour with the likes of cancer survivor, 18-year-old Jordan Anderton, who lent his torchbearing skills to the epic relay in Plymouth to Will.i.am who moon-walked his way down the Olympic path in Taunton.

william torch pic (via PA)

Not forgetting Olympic hopeful Zara Phillips who proudly had her ‘moment to shine’ whilst carrying the torch on horseback. Plus Chelsea star Didier Drogba fresh from victory who graced us with his impressive torch-wielding prowess in Swindon of all places.

And of course Chris Moyles whose surprise appearance in Aberystwyth was broadcast live on air on Monday.

With 57 more days to go until the Games we can’t wait to see what the next few week’s have in store.