We're Going To Need A Hospital

Picture 18So we’ve been busy and neglecting our blog, sorry blog. But it’s only because we’ve been out working hard.

Strings has been off talking to Distributors for La Maison Fontaine, writing letters to PR Week and on the campaign trail for one thing or another.

Well actually the one thing or another are being nominated for the Hospital Club 100 which is the search for the 100 most influential emerging and established people in the UK. As you may have read we decided to support Danny Rogers from PR Week, just to wind up Strings but given what he’s done (and not just promising us a 24 hour party If he makes the list) our votes with him. Check out the list, some great names and worth voting for who you think the 100 should be.

He’s also down as a council member for the PRCA as he believes that he can help drive more integrated thinking for PR Agencies and fight for their right to sit at the top table, well that’s what his poster says (don’t think he realises that only 1 person per PRCA member can vote, and Em’s voted for him this morning, he doesn’t need to rally the troops in the office).

We’ve also been very busy deciding if we’re a Spot or a Stripe for Cadbury’s. Check it out yourself. A lot of fun’s about to be had. Already in the office a lot of banter and debate. We’ve also had a lot of fun out on the road with our Games Crew. You’ll be seeing more of them over the coming months.

Art Project at Red Bull with Remy Rough was great last week. We only recovered by Sunday. Apparently a few of the guys carried on afterwards making their own Art Project with a photocopier and a bottle of vodka (say no more).

We’ve also won a number of new Clients which we hope to be able to announce over the coming weeks and have a great new pop-up shop launching in a weeks time.

But more importantly we’ve got a number of new faces, Tayo, Jude, Alex, George, Cath to name but a few who joined us last week and this. Hello.