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valentines roses

Thank you

Valentines Day is a big celebration for the Agency, as it was actually the day when a business marriage ended that became the catalyst for Pretty Green. Like all relationships when they end they have a tendency to get quite heated and if you’re not careful it’s always easy to focus too much on the negative’s. Therefore we’d like to say thank you with flowers, we wouldn’t have happened without you, and we wouldn’t have found the new loves of our life.

Valentines Day (weekend) is also one of those days where you think about loved ones around you and what it would be like if they weren’t around. Unless you’re totally inhuman you can’t help think about what Jade Gooding’s going through, and about the reality of what she’s facing up to, with her young children.

It’s going to interesting to see how Mr Clifford goes about handling the media frenzy for access to her final few months and whether the media respect her privacy (regardless of how much she sells some of it to a few media partners) . We may see a few new firsts for access TV in her dying hours, and lots of debates about the rights and wrongs. I suppose if it helps more people think about both the social impact of cancer and it helps secure the financial security of her family then maybe it’s not a bad thing.

Prevention Vs Cure, always a strong debate in Govt circles, and Strings spent Friday discussing the impact of Speeding with Gov’t officials. Now if truth be told he didn’t actually have a choice as to whether or not he was going to attend.

The MCCA Award nominations were announced last week and it’s interesting to see who’s doing what, and where the people are who you thought were going to do well following last years successes aren’t featured. Hopefully we’ll be in a position to throw our hat into the ring next year.

We had a great fun this week with The Kitchen, Sam Mann from Capital radio came down to create a Valentines meal for Lucio  and ITV London Tonight did a feature on The Kitchen around credit crunch London. Not bad considering it was the same week that Jamie Oliver launched Recipease.